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Faithful to the basics


∙ GRAN BEAUTY CEO ∙ Templeton University LAMP/ An adjunct professor of lifestyle CEO course. ∙ An executive marketing director of British American Tobacco Korea / Dunhill ∙ Estee Lauder Korea

- An executive managing director of Origins/Good Skin Labs/Stila - A youngest board member of Estee Lauder Korea, 2005 - An executive digital-marketing director of Estee Lauder Korea

∙ US branch of Cheil Corporation ∙ US branch of LG Electronics
A beauty professional who overall managed various luxury brands in Estee Lauder Korea for 10 years, out of 20 years of global corporate experience.
The sad reality that I had to face, working in the beauty industry for such a long time, is that a lot of products are much more focused on brand images and packaging than on the content itself. Thus, I’ve always wanted to present my customers with premium cosmetic products that are sincere and faithful to the basics.


Glamskin Seoul+New York creates a new, highly functional skincare and lifestyle
brand by using precious natural ingredients found all over the world along with the
advanced technology of Korea. They’re the global leader of cosmetics, providing
the trendiest products in Seoul and New York.


Papaya & Grapefruit moisturizing
gel mist

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This gel-type, highly enriched essence with grapefruit and papaya extracts provide nutrients and moisture to your skin, creating a glossy look.

Papaya & Grapefruit essence
water cream

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Our papaya & grapefruit essence water cream including real grapefruit and papaya extract, is a 3-in-1 cream that acts as an essence, a brightener and a moisturizer at the same time.

Papaya & Grapefruit Instant
Brightening Cream

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The papaya and grapefruit extract immediately
brightens up your skin and evens out your skin tone.