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used in dermatology offices and broadcasting companies


As a makeup brand that started by creating customized makeup to match each patient’s skin trouble in collaboration with dermatologists, Abelrouge Cosmetics boasts the best quality, efficacy and stability as a line of medical cosmetics that acts as a OEM and ODM for over 90 dermatologists and hospitals and provides medical cosmetic products for dermatologists and cosmetic surgery institutions around the country.

Recognized by broadcasting companies solely for the quality of their products, Abelrouge has maintained cosmetics sponsorships with MBC and SBS for many years, and thanks to the support of our customers, celebrities and public figures, we have decided to publicly share the know-hows of dermatology and broadcasting company makeup that we’ve cultivated over 16 years.

Befitting ABEL, which means life in Greek, we will continue to be a company that never stops researching and developing to maintain a brand that flourishes and thrives with life in your minds.

Broadcasting company product sponsorships

SBS Ghost, Deep-rooted Tree, Scent of a Woman, Pinocchio Punch, High Society, Six Flying Dragons
MBC Make a Girl Cry, Angry Mom, Marriage Contract

ABELROUGE’s Pick#MoistureBomb #VitaminCream #MoisturizingCream #SleepingPack
Aqua Miracle Cream Multi-Vital 10 System

Moisturizes, increases firmness and nutrition, and prevents evaporation.
Think about the future of your skin.
A moisture cream never before seen in this world!

Miracle Sleeping Pack2 Multi-Vital10

Whitening, wrinkle reducing, vitamins and antioxidant solution all in one!
Allow your exhausted skin to recover overnight.
Vitamins and antioxidants prevent skin damage.