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Better Style, Better Life

VODANAWith a Better Style, Find a Better Life

VODANA is a distributor and research & development company with a history of about 20 years in developing hair styling tools. VODANA has presented woman with beautiful hair. VODANA will not only help you maintain your beauty, but also help you create happiness and a better lifestyle.

Beauty Exhibition

Since 2010, VODANA has participated in New York, San Francisco, London and various other global exhibitions, quickly gaining popularity and captivating the public in America and Europe.

VODANA Glam Wave curling iron is the product you need to create a powerful and resilient wave & curl. It's a Must-have item that is popular among many beauty bloggers.

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Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron

Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron, an enormous hit among beauty bloggers, is a must-have item for those who want full-body glamour waves.